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Very happy! EB1C Green Card approved in 10 months!

Yay! I can not believe it took only 10 months to get my green card. We moved to the USA in March 2021 on an L1A visa which is a temporary work visa. In this post I am going to summarise the green card journey for me, including the timelines.

As of May 2023, Anton’s GC has not been approved yet, he is waiting on a date for his interview.

My L1A to EB1C green card journey timeline….

March 2021

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Arrived in the USA from UK

on an L1A Visa. This is a non-immigrant, temporary visa that would allows us to work in the USA for 3 years. I must stay working for the company that sponsored this visa.

June 2021

Approval to apply for green card

My company approved to move me from the L1A to an EB1C green card.

July 2021

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Started working on the paperwork

Met with the immigration attorney who explained the process, the various forms that needed filing, expected timelines and what evidence we needed to pull together. The immigration attorney really stressed the importance of getting the petition evidence right to avoid an RFE (request for evidence).

December 2021

Submitted I-140

The 1-140 is the petition form for employment based green cards.

Early May 2022

I-140 Petition Approved!

Much quicker than expected.

Late May 2022

Submitted I-485, I-765 and medicals

The I-485 is the adjustment of status form to apply for permanent residence. The I-765 is the work authorization. We chose not to apply for advanced parole/ travel authorisation as we had a valid L1 visa for travel.

July 2022

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Biometrics appointment

We had fingerprints and pictures taken.

August 2022

Notification of green card approval

This is Timeline description, you can change me anytime click here

September 2022

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Green card in hand!

Physical green card arrived.

I have said this before a green card is not citizenship. A green card gives you legal permanent residence. The main differences is that you can not vote and if you were ever in trouble with the law they could deport you and revoke the green card. Think of it as conditional residency.

Going from a green card to citizenship is possible after 5 years of continual residency. This is something we may consider in the future.

That’s it for my green card, journey. All I can say it is what really very easy and can not believe it only took 10 month! I am very happy to have the green card, a sense of relief. I will feel even better once Ant gets his.

If you have any questions about this journey, post in the comments below.

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