About Us

Hey and welcome! We are Anton and Selina from The A&S Way. We are a British couple both born in South East London, England. In fact, we were born in the very same hospital (3 months apart), and then went to the same secondary school. Some may say Ant, who was born second, was obviously following Sel in life!

We are now living in Las Vegas, USA and loving every moment of it.

img 0664 jpg
First day out on the Las Vegas Strip – April 2021

In January of 2020, we started documenting our move to the USA on our Youtube Channel. Little did we know the journey that was ahead!

The move came as part of a work relocation for me (Sel) and everything was going pretty smooth until the pandemic hit. I had my work visa stamped but unfortunately Ant did not get his visa in time before the national lockdown, the travel ban and subsequent US Presidential Proclamations. Pretty much the world as we knew it changed. This led to the next year of uncertainty and not knowing when or if we would make it. Thankfully in January of 2021, after many exchanges with the US embassy, Ant got his visa and our travel to the USA was approved!

Then in March 2021, after saying farewell to our families (whilst still in UK national lockdown), we made our way to Heathrow Airport, and FINALLY boarded our flight to the USA.

After 24 hours of wearing masks, and very sore ears, we made it to the USA. A very surreal moment…

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About to board the flight to the USA, our new home – March 2021

Living in the USA has been something we have both wanted to do for years.

Through our channel we realised just how many people out there that also want the opportunity to move to the USA, are moving to the USA or have been looking into it but are not sure.

Through our stories we hope to share a realistic take on the complexities of moving to the USA, but also a very British perspective on what it is actually like to live here! Whilst we absolutely love it and have no plans to move back, it is far from perfect!

The A&S Way is really us sharing our life journey and tips to hopefully help others like us, but also inspire for a better way of living.